Fishing On The South Tyne River


Guests at Kellah Farm, October 2011
This monster Salmon is back in the Tyne, can you catch it?


Fishing specifically in Hadrian's Wall Country in Haltwhistle, South Tyne:

Regarding the appropriate permits :

The Tyne is rightly regarded as the best Salmon River in England and Wales. There are 6 miles of fishing from Featherstone to Melkridge for salmon, migratory and brown trout.

 During September and October fishing permits are only available to people staying within Haltwhistle and the close surrounding area (as far as Kellah). When enquiring about a fishing permit please inform them if you are staying at Kellah for tourism research purposes.

 Here are some highlights of what you can expect:

  • The legendary Tyne salmon with weights up to 35lbs

  • Sea trout runs are excellent with good average weights

  • Brown trout fishing is good for both wild and stocked fish

  • Grayling fishing is improving nicely on the tributary River Derwent; already an established brown trout fishery

  • Coarse fishing is improving with good mixed catches of dace, roach and chub

    The North Tyne and the South Tyne meet to form the River Tyne. All three strands of the Tyne river are splendid for game fishing and the North Tyne and River Tyne provide good coarse fishing. The whole Tyne system combines to give excellent fishing all year round.

    The Tyne is a massively improved river with good visitor access along its length. There is no better way to experience the renowned Northumbrian hospitality than to visit its wealth of attractions for anglers and non anglers alike.